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Partner With Us

At First Baptist Academy, all that we do hinges on partnerships. We partner with First Baptist Powell, existing as its largest ministry and submitting to its authority and guidance. Our staff members partner with parents to encourage well-rounded development that takes place in and outside of the classroom. Our students partner with one another to create an environment in which accountability, service, and enjoyment can thrive. 

To put it simply, we can't do it without you! We encourage you and your family to get connected and support the students, staff, and overall efforts of First Baptist Academy. From volunteering at special events, to using your God-given gifts to assist in the development of FBA, your support is greatly appreciated.




We Are Here For You

In the same way that we desire for you to partner with us, we are eager to offer support to our families! We are always glad to answer questions, assist with issues, and provide direction wherever it is needed. 

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