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Please read all information regarding FBA’s Dress Code Policy. All students are expected to adhere to these guidelines. Students who arrive out of uniform will be issued an approved uniform item, the parent will be notified, and the incident will be documented. The item must be returned (washed) the following school day. 

Download a PDF copy of the Dress Code here. 

The emphasis of FBA’s dress code policy is on students’ uniforms being modest, neat, clean, and non-distracting. The FBA administration reserves the right to ban a certain type of clothing. Our prayer is that each parent would consider the fact that we are not to be “conformed to this world” as stated in Romans 12:2. Purity, safety, focus on learning, and preparation for the future should be considered when purchasing school attire. I Timothy 4:11-12 states, “Prescribe and teach these things. Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity show yourself an example of those who believe.”

Shirts & Outerwear

● Must be purchased through Lands End, A+ uniforms, or The FBA Team Shop. Must have the FBA logo or one of the approved crests embroidered by these retailers. Families may not purchase shirts from other retailers and have a similar logo embroidered.
● Students are required to wear a tucked in FBA uniform shirt with a collar Monday- Thursday. If a student is wearing an FBA approved pullover, jacket, or hoodie on Monday- Thursday, they must have a collared shirt underneath and it must be tucked in. PreK students are not required to tuck in their shirts.
● FBA sweatshirts with hoods are allowed every day.
● FBA spirit shirts purchased through FBA or an approved retailer may be worn on Fridays
with jeans. On Friday, students are not required to tuck in when wearing FBA spirit shirts.
● All girls may wear red, navy, or white cardigans over their uniform shirts.
● Students may not wear any non-FBA outerwear (jackets, coats, sweatshirts); the only
exception being approved co-op hoodies on Fridays.
● Students may not wear flannel of any kind on any school day.
● Students cannot “wear” a blanket around the building or in chapel.


● Shorts, skirts, and pants can be purchased from any uniform section of any retail store.
● Navy or khaki (not cream/ivory) colored Chino-style uniform bottoms only. PreK
students may also wear solid navy or khaki colored knit bottoms.
● No cargo, carpenter, corduroy, or denim is allowed (except for jeans on Fridays).
● Neat looking jeans with no frays, tears, or holes can be worn on Fridays. Jeans must meet
modesty guidelines.
● No logos should be shown at any time.
● Pants and shorts should be loose fitting (under garment lines should not be visible). Shorts
should be worn at a length that is no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Sagging is not
● Skirts should be at a modest length that is no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Skirts
should be an appropriate length when seated.

Accessories & Miscellaneous

Belts - Belts must be always worn if clothing has belt loops. PreK students are not required to wear a belt.
Tights - Navy, white, red, gray or almond/khaki SOLID COLOR tights may be worn under skirts/skorts.
Shoes - Students may not wear house shoes, flip flops, athletic slides, crocs, or brightly colored “plastic” shoes. Dress shoes, sneakers, dress sandals, boots, and chacos are permissible. Students should consider the overall appearance of the uniform in their shoe choices. No outlandish colors or distracting styles are permitted.
Socks - Socks should be consistent with the overall uniform look. No extreme styles or
colors (i.e. bright colored stripes or polka dots). This is at the discretion of the administration.

Additional Guidelines

● All students’ hair must be clean, neat, and kept out of their eyes.
● Students may not have distracting or extreme hairstyles or color.
● Sunglasses, hoods, and hats are not to be worn indoors.
● Boys are to have no piercings. Girls are to have no out-of-the-ordinary piercings, such as
facial piercings, but are allowed to have ear piercings (but no gauges).
● Boys are not permitted to wear nail polish.
● Students are expected to dress in traditional, gender appropriate attire at all FBA events.

Uniform Vendors   

Visit the sites below for instructions to purchase FBA uniforms.

Lands' End

Lands' End uniforms may be purchased online or in stores. To purchase online go to and click on “School,” then “Find Your School.” Search for First Baptist Academy or enter our School Number: 900132952.     

My Aplus Uniforms

My Aplus Uniforms may be purchased online or in stores. To purchase online, go to and select “Find My School.” '

used uniform sale group

There is a Facebook group for First Baptist Academy families to sell and exchange used uniform items throughout the year. This is a great way to purchase uniforms quickly at an affordable price. 

Facebook Group

Team Shop

We offer online and in-person Team Shops at various points throughout the year to provide opportunities for our families to purchase FBA spirit wear. These items can be worn on Fridays with jeans per the FBA Dress Code. We use several local vendors for our seasonal Team Shops.