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In Middle School, students learn to think more analytically. Our students are less focused on finding out facts than on asking “Why?” In this part, the logic stage, the student begins to pay attention to cause and effect, the relationships between different fields of knowledge, and the way facts fit together in a logical way.

The Middle School years are incredibly crucial in development, and they need to be centered on what the God tells us in His word. At First Baptist Academy, we ensure that each child is educated with a Biblical worldview across all subject areas. Students are eager to learn during this period of life, and we want to see students discover how God has given them spiritual gifts that can be used to glorify His name. We believe that God must guide our teaching practices, and we look to His word as we teach students in the classroom.  

Middle School is a growing season for students, and we love to see our students grow into young men and women who seek the Lord daily. Over the seventh and eighth grade years, each child is given opportunities to be an active part of serving others. We take several local mission trips and serve our community as we share the gospel. Christ has called us to take the gospel to His people, and each child becomes more confident in sharing as he or she matures in faith. 


Students will follow a core class track and have the opportunity to choose a few select electives. All Middle School courses are semester-long (18 weeks) aside from Math, which spans the full year.

Core Classes: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies (7th - World History, 8th - Ancient History).
Additional Classes: Bible, Latin, and one Elective per semester. 

Additional Opportunities


We challenge students to be Christ-like leaders by providing a consistent example and opportunities to serve at every grade level. One of the key elements of our Portrait of a Graduate is Mission Engagement, and we encourage our students to serve on and off campus. Our Middle School classes take part in a wide variety of projects that allow them to practically impact the world for Christ in big and small ways.

Individualized Learning

In order to individualize learning, all of our teachers offer tutoring hours that can be utilized as needed. This provides the opportunity for students to be challenged in specific areas and strengthen skills that have not displayed competency. It also individualizes every child’s learning plan so they can achieve their full potential in Christ.


Throughout the year, Middle School students participate in many celebrations that add fun and excitement to the learning process. These include dress-up days for Spirit Week, Awards Day ceremonies, and other traditional occasions such as Field Day. We also host several events outside of the school day to encourage a Family-Environment, including our Back to School Celebration.

Athletic Opportunities

Extracurricular Clubs