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Tuition Philosophy

First Baptist Church has determined that the First Baptist Academy will not be a separate corporate entity, but will function as a ministry of the church.  Therefore, a portion of the annual costs of operating the school will be provided throught church funds.  In effect, that meants that every student is receiving some financial assistance applied toward tution.



Enrollment Fee

$150 per student *Due at the time of application.*


Re-Enrollment Fee

$75 per student (Early Re-Enrollment Fee through February 2, 2018)

$150 per student (Regular Enrollment Fee on and after February 3, 2018)


FACTS Annual Fee

$20-$50 *Dependent on selected payment schedule.*

This fee is assessed by FACTS and does not go to FBA.  FACTS is FBA's financial management software.



Pre-K3 and Pre-K4:  $5,700

Kindergarten:  $5,700

1st-5th:  $6,500

6th-12th:  $6,950

All tuition rates listed above INCLUDE the Book Fees for each student.  Fees for extra-curricular activities are not included in the total tuition rate.

Tuition Discounts


Mulit-Child Discount

$300 for each student subsequent to the 1st enrolled student.  The discount will change relative to any fianacial aid accepted by the family.  For example, 25% financial aid will lower the $300 discount to $225.


Volunteer Discount

$300 discount for any FAMILY providing 15 hours of approved school service.  For more information, please contact the FBA office.


Paid-In-Full Discount

2% Discount for any FAMILY who pays their entire tuition balance before August 1, 2018.


*Pre-K students are not eligible for financial aid or tuition discounts.*

Tuition Payment Schedule


  • Annual Payment:  Due August 1, 2018
  • Bi-Annual Payment:  Due August 1st & December 1st, 2018
  • Monthly (10 payments):  August 2018-May 2019
  • Monthly (12 payments):  August 2018-July 2019

Each family will set up their payment plan through the FACTS system at the time of enrollement or re-enrollment.  There will be an annual fee assessed to each family that covers your FACTS account maintenance, and the amount is based on your selected payment method.  This fee is assessed by FACTS and not FBA.

**If you choose to withdraw your student or your student is dismissed from the Academy before the end of the contract, you are responsible for the tuition incurred for any semester in which the student attended school, no matter the number of days attended.