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The Arts and Classical Education

The arts are very important in classical education as they focus on performance/production as a medium of communicating with others.  In the same way that the classical model progresses over time, our Fine Arts program builds through the years, contributing to holistic development. At First Baptist Academy, we have the privilege of sharing our faith as the source of our artistry. Since God is the original Creator, every artistic opportunity we have is a chance to express His image within us. We desire to see all FBA students growing in their ability to display God's nature and to respond to His goodness through song, instruments, visual artistry, and drama.

Course Offerings


All Lower School classes, beginning with PreK-4, receive 45 minute weekly music and art classes. During these classes, the elements of art and music are explored with the aim of literacy. In addition to these things, we pray that students will use their musical and artistic skills as worship in response to God's revelation in their lives. Weekly chapels reinforce music learned through the week.


In the 6th Grade, students receive more training in music and art so that for future semesters/years of study, they will be able to select the art of their choice. Students in 7th and 8th grade get to choose between ensemble and art.  Both of these classes are performance-focused.
For 7th-8th Graders who wish to explore additional opportunities, there is a zero period drama option.  This class is performance-based in that the end result is a production. In this class, students are also introduced to basic elements of theatre.


Upper School students are required to take at least one Fine Art Elective. This can be satisfied by choosing visual art, drama, or ensemble.  Students in subsequent years may also continue their artistic experience by selecting these classes, and we love having a broad range of students working together.

Extracurricular Activities


Our dance program offers instruction in a wide variety of styles including tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary. The program centers around Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine… and glorify your Father in heaven.” For more information about the First Baptist Academy dance program, go to our dance page.

Instrument Lessons

We offer private lessons for the piano and violin taught by Mrs. Reno (violin) and Mr. Rizzi (piano). If you are interested in signing your child up for private instrument lessons, please contact or


Dathan hickman

Visual Art Teacher






Mykayla Reno

Lower School Music Teacher






Anna Beth SMith

Performing Arts Teacher