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General Information

Coming Soon - fall 2024


Hours | After school care will be provided Monday-Friday on campus until 6pm for Pre-K-4th grade. There will be no after school care on days First Baptist Academy is not in session.

Cost | $50 Registration Fee; $90 per week (Pre-K); $70 per week (K-4th)

*By registering for the After School Care Program, you are committing to pay for entirety of the school year. If you choose to withdraw your student, you will still be required to pay 50% of the annual cost (withdrawals within First Day of School - December 31st) or 100% of the annual cost (withdrawals from January 1st - Last Day of School) per the FBA withdrawal policy.

Program Eligibility | The FBA After School Care Program is only available to Pre-K-4th grade students enrolled at First Baptist Academy for the upcoming school year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program will meet all state standards and will include time for a snack, group play, and classroom time.  This will all be housed on our campus with no transportation.

Currently, we are only planning to offer care when school is in session. There are other local childcare providers who may be able to supplement our programs during the summer and our other breaks.  We are happy to refer you to those programs if you need additional care. We may look to expand our program in the future but are starting with school days only at this time.

No, this program is intended to be a service to FBA families only, and we will not be opening it up to other schools. Only FBA students may be enrolled in after school care.

Because this is a program only for FBA families, your FACTS account will be set up with a recurring payment for the charges.

This program will meet or exceed all state standards for staffing, including a dedicated director and two teachers per classroom.

Unfortunately, the cost to staff and provide this service doesn’t allow us to provide discounts. While you are welcome to pick your child up early, there is no credit to the charge.

To provide a quality program with adequate staffing to meet or exceed state standards, the weekly fee is due regardless of whether your child is able to attend for extenuating circumstances.

Families will be charged $1 for every minute past 6pm, which will be billed through FACTS. After 6pm, parents can pick up their students at the main office. 


In order to maintain staffing levels and to allow exit and entry into the program, the After School Care Program will follow the FBA withdrawal policy:

  • Withdrawals within the First Day of School - December 31st will be responsible for 50% of annual cost. 
  • Withdrawals from January 1st - Last Day of School will be responsible for 100% of annual cost. 

All withdrawals must be completed by submitting an official withdrawal form through Admissions.


Based on our budgeted expenses, we would need 33 students in order to begin the program for Pre-K-4th Grade.  If we are unable to get enough commitments for the program by the end of the school year, we will notify those who have signed up and refund their registration fee no later than June 1st.  

Families who are already committed to another after school program are welcome to continue those programs if they would prefer.  This program will be on campus and not require any transportation of students, which may be preferable to some families.  


For questions about the After School Care Program, please contact Admissions Coordinator Sabrena Cox,