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Why Early Middle School?


The Leadership at First Baptist Academy has recognized the need of bridging the development gap between fifth and sixth grade. This program is intended to assist parents by intentionally training and discipling the whole child at a pivotal development point in adolescence. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There are 7 class periods each day with monitored class changes. This includes year-round courses such as Math and ELA.

Students will have enrichment time at the end of the day to provide time to make a plan to complete all classwork as well as homework assignments. 

Students will have four different teachers who will instruct all core courses for their fifth and sixth grade year.  This will allow them to know your student well and track their progress over the next two years.

Yes, students will have the opportunity to develop and implement leadership skills through programs such as Safety Patrol and Student Life.

No, this program will be centrally located on campus. Almost all fifth and sixth grade classes will take place in the lower level of the education building on one hallway.

Yes, this time will be at the beginning of the day and provide an opportunity for each student to check-in and prepare for the day. 

Fifth and sixth-grade students will not mix for in-class instruction or lunchtimes. Each grade level will be separated into two different sections based upon ability.

Each teacher will post about their subject area each day for parents to view.  Parent Conferences will be conducted with your student’s homeroom teacher each semester.

Teachers will model how to utilize Chromebooks in the classroom so that students are trained in order to prepare for future academic endeavors.

Due to the modified block schedule, students will have more time in class to practice and complete work. 

There will not be a traditional recess time however, students will have year-round electives.

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