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The fifth and sixth grade years at First Baptist Academy are focused on developing prevocational skills necessary for success in all future learning. We are intentional in helping students develop effective study habits, skillful and responsible technology use, and stewardship of time and possessions. 

The Early Middle School program at First Baptist Academy is intended to bridge the development gap between fifth and sixth grade, intentionally training and discipling the whole child at a pivotal point in adolescence. In Early Middle School, students finish the grammar stage and prepare to enter the logic stage of classical education. Instruction is focused on continued rote memorization of facts as well as age-appropriate learning experiences focused on discovering the "why" behind those facts.

During the Early Middle School years, students have great opportunity to grow in personal responsibility. In fifth and sixth grade, First Baptist Academy students begin to change classes, utilize technology more frequently, and store items in an assigned locker. Fifth grade students also have the opportunity to participate in Safety Patrol, which allows them to serve with the carline, monitor hallways, and help teachers. Early Middle School serves as a stepping stone to Middle School and beyond, allowing fifth and sixth grade students the opportunity to take ownership of their time, resources, and education. 


Core Classes: Bible, Math, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Special Areas Classes: Library/Technology, Music, Physical Education, and Art.

*Students go to one special area for 9 weeks each.

Additional Opportunities


We challenge students to be Christ-like leaders by providing a consistent example and opportunities to serve at every grade level. One of the key elements of our Portrait of a Graduate is Mission Engagement, and we encourage our students to serve on and off campus. Our Early Middle School classes take part in a wide variety of projects that allow them to practically impact the world for Christ in big and small ways.


There are four teachers that stay with fifth and sixth grade students through the Early Middle School years. This allows them to develop key relationships and determine ways to further individualize the learning experience. All of our teachers also offer tutoring hours that can be utilized as needed. This provides the opportunity for students to be challenged in specific areas and strengthen skills that have not displayed competency. We value the individualization of every child's learning plan and desire for them to achieve their full potential in Christ.


Throughout the year, Early Middle School students participate in many celebrations that add fun and excitement to the learning process. These include dress-up days for Spirit Week, Awards Day ceremonies, and other traditional occasions such as Field Day. We also host several events outside of the school day to encourage a Family-Environment, including our Back to School Celebration.

Athletic Opportunities

Extracurricular Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Each day is broken up into 7 class periods that include year-round courses such as Math and Bible, as well as a rotation of Special Areas classes. Each class change is closely monitored by staff members to ensure safety and appropriate behavior is upheld at all times.  

Students will have Enrichment time at the end of each day that gives them the opportunity to review class materials, practice work habits and time management skills, and develop a plan to complete homework assignments. 

There are four teachers who will instruct all core courses for Early Middle School students. This allows each teacher to know your student well and track their progress over the fifth and sixth grade years. Our staff desires for each student to be successful in Early Middle School and beyond!

No! The Early Middle School program is centrally located on campus. All fifth and sixth grade classes will take place in one hallway of the Education Building outside of Special Areas classes. This gives students an opportunity to experience the responsibility of changing classes without the pressure of navigating a long distance. 

While Early Middle School students change classes, they are also assigned a homeroom. They begin and end each day in their homeroom, providing an opportunity for each student to prepare for and wrap-up the day. This also allows each teacher the ability to invest in a specific group of students beyond the core class track. 

Fifth and sixth-grade students will not mix for in-class instruction or lunchtimes. Beyond that, each grade level is also separated into two different groups based on ability and comprehension. These groups move through the daily schedule together, so Early Middle School students do not have the added pressures of traveling alone and not knowing who will be in their next class.

Early Middle School teachers post subject area updates each day for parents to view through the Family Portal. Report cards, lesson plans, and homework assignments are all easily accessible at any given time. Parent conferences are also available with your student’s homeroom teacher each semester. Parents are always welcome to reach out to teachers with questions and concerns but are also encouraged to allow their student to begin taking on more responsibility and ownership of their education.

Teachers will introduce and model how to utilize Chromebooks in the classroom so that students are prepared for future academic endeavors. 

Due to the modified block schedule, students will have more time in class to practice and complete work. 

There will not be a traditional recess time however, students will have year-round electives.