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First Baptist Academy Honors Program exists to challenge high achieving students to pursue and achieve advanced levels of scholarship, mission engagement, and Christ-centered leadership.


  • To challenge high-achieving students in the classroom so that they are better prepared for post-secondary challenges.
  • To retain students attending FBA who desire the challenges of accelerated programs.
  • To provide advanced academic curriculum studies and enrichment opportunities for existing upper school students. 
  • To offer these academic opportunities in an environment that views all learning through a Christ-centered approach.
  • To teach students how to engage in Classical Model Learning Approaches using Biblical foundations to prepare them to become strong disciples in a secular world.
  • A student must be a rising 9th Grade student
  • Must be invited by the Honors Program Selection Committee
  • Must fill out the application and sign the Covenant Agreement form
  • Must agree to be enrolled in at least three Honors level courses for the Freshman year
  • Students who are planning to attend post-secondary institutions will be more prepared for the rigorous studies and pace that will be expected of them.
  • Students and teachers will work together in the classroom to foster exploration, collaboration, and innovation -- all skills necessary to be successful in college and careers.
  • Students will receive weighted GPAs for Honors and AP courses.
  • Students will be able to participate in enrichment programs that include:
    • Skills preparation such as writing, math, critical thinking, and computer skills
    • Technology integration - research skills, document preparation and integration, web-based studies
    • Working with computer software programming
    • Service work - mission work, tutoring younger students
    • Leadership building workshops
    • ACT/SAT preparation, AP Exam preparation
  • By the end of the senior year, students willl also gain the following skills to prepare them for future endeavors:
    • Portfolio development
    • Resume writing
    • Public speaking and presenting
    • Writing for an intended purpose
    • Collaborating with peers
    • Assessing community and business resources
    • Obtaining communiting and business resources

"I am thankful my son has taken advantage of the opportunity to take AP classes for the first time this year.  The AP courses and instructors require him to stretch a little further and try a little harder, and he is rising to the occasion! He is building character and skills that will help him in college, career, and life in general.  Better yet, biblical concepts are being reinforced, such as doing all things to the best of your abilities and working heartily for the Lord."

- Nicki D. (FBA Parent)

"The AP classes have given me more opportunites to improve my writing.  I have enjoyed learning how to enrich my essays with facts and am pleased about being able to earn college credit for my investment of time and effort."

- Lucas M. (FBA Graduate)

Tonya Petty

FBA Honors Program Coordinator, Social Studies Teacher

For more information regarding the Honors Program, click here.