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Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is open to any 5th grade student who would like to serve others in the school. There are two groups on rotation every nine weeks serving in a variety of ways, including walking Lower School students in from the morning carline, helping teachers, and monitoring the hallways. The goal of Safety Patrol is to teach responsibility and service to our students. 

For more information on Safety Patrol, contact Katie Hayse,

Bible Journaling Club

The Bible Journaling Club is open to all students 5th-12th grade. It provides an opportunity for a personal expression of scripture. The Bible Journaling Club meets on Wednesdays in the fall semester following early dismissal until 4pm in Family Life Center 1. Club members must bring something to journal in, but all other supplies are provided for a small fee of $15. 

For more information about the Bible Journaling Club, contact Christy Goranflo,

FBA Bible Study

The FBA Bible Study is for students 5th-12th grade. The club meets every Thursday in room 305 at 7:40am for a brief Bible study and prayer time. During this time, students are challenged through the study of Scripture to be lights for Christ in our school and in their community. 

For more information about the FBA Bible Study, contact Nic Rizzi,

Spelling Club

The Spelling Club desires to help students understand how to spell English words, increase understanding of vocabulary, and grow their own curiosity and sense of wonder at the language God has given us. All 1st-5th grade students are encouraged to participate in this club, leading up to a Spelling Bee that takes place amongst club members. Students are divided according to grade level, and 3rd-5th grade students have a chance to qualify for the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. The Spelling Club meets every other Monday beginning in September from 3:15-3:45pm in the Lower School cafeteria. There is a fee of $35 to join the Spelling Club that will be used for a Spelling Club t-shirt and other materials. Students will also be required to submit an application to their homeroom teacher prior to joining.

For more information on the Spelling Club, contact Rachel Trout, or Ashleigh Kincaid,


The STEM Club is for 4th-7th grade students who are interested in a future career in the STEM fields. This club will expose students to and prepare them for problem-based learning, scientific and mathematical-oriented fields of study, and develop the latest STEM skills and aptitude which can be successfully integrated into today's ever-changing technological job market. These activities and areas of study will also allow students to explore God's creation through science. The STEM Club meets once a week after school from 3-4:15pm September-November, and the cost to join is $225 per student. Learn more about STEM Club here.

For more information on the STEM Club, contact Amanda Burnette,

Bible Dash

The Bible Dash Club is for 3rd-6th grade students who desire to increase in knowledge of the Bible and develop skills in locating Bible books and key passages. Students in this club must be willing to work hard at memorizing and locating passages within a given time limit, learning how to apply the Bible to a daily walk with God. The Bible Dash Club will host a final contest each spring, when club members will compete against one another, showing Christ-like character and sportsmanship.

For more information on the Bible Dash Club, contact Tenie Heath,

4-H Club

4-H is a youth development program for 4th-12th grade students who are interested in “learning by doing,” participating in a wide variety of hands-on activities and contests that empower them to develop and strengthen life skills. This club is sponsored by the University of Tennessee and focuses on four main areas: head, heart, hands, and health. 4-H is a unique educational program that encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their skills and talents to the fullest.

For more information on the First Baptist Academy 4-H Club, contact Sarah Brown,

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations (MUN) is a dynamic club in which Middle School students learn about new countries and cultures, then represent those countries’ perspectives in discussion and debate on important world issues. Students develop greater awareness of global geography, differences between countries, and similarities in human needs around the world. They also build critical thinking, team collaboration, and public speaking skills in a safe and caring environment – all while having a great deal of fun.

For more information on MUN, contact Lisa Kindig,

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)/National Honor Society (NHS)

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Honor Society (NHS) are academic and leadership development organizations that focus on four key areas: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. At First Baptist Academy, each of these elements is built on the foundation of Christ. NJHS is for 8th and 9th grade students, while NHS is for those in 10th-12th grade. Students do not have to be in the Honors Program to join NJHS or NHS. 

For more information on the First Baptist Academy NJHS and NHS programs, contact

6th-8th Grade girls book club

6th-8th grade girls are encouraged to join our Book Club led by Mrs. Rachel Trout September-April! There is no cost to join, but you must provide your own book. 

To sign up, contact

5th-12th grade girls bible study

5th-12th grade girls are invited to attend our Girls Bible Study every Tuesday morning from 7:20-7:50am in Room 231. Enter through the main office and join this time of fellowship and devotion between the Middle & Upper School girls. 

For questions, contact

  • Students must have and maintain a 3.5 Cumulative GPA 
  • Students must attend the Induction Ceremony. 
  • Students must pay a $25 due each year as a member. This offsets costs for FBA yearly membership  dues with NJHS/NHs, the induction ceremony, luncheon for new inductees, graduation regalia, and  certificates.  
  • Students must complete a minimum of 25 hours of Volunteer Service according to NHS Guidelines that  include 2 hours in each of the four categories: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character *17 remaining hours of student choice. 
  • Students must document all hours on Chart that is provided. Students should not rely upon others to  keep up with served hours.  
  • Students must participate in the FBA Chapter’s School Project: Tutoring in Lower School (this schedule will be made each August). 
  • Student participation in the School Project will require students to assist teachers and students in the  lower school as deemed necessary by lower school teachers. Students will do this during enrichment  period. No student will be exempt from this for any reason. Guidelines are: 
  • Serve between 1-4 times a month (depending on grade level) as scheduled. 
  • Serve no more than once a week and no less than once a month as scheduled.
  • Serve regardless of homework or classwork assignments that need to be completed *Find a substitute or switch schedules with another student on days that cannot be served (Mrs.  Petty must be notified). 
  • Submit documented hours by April 30th of the school year. 
  • Students cannot be paid or receive any stipend for documented service hours.
  • Students do not receive volunteer hours for work in one’s own home, grandparents, or immediate family.
  • You are required to complete 25 volunteer hours to maintain standing in NJHS/NHS. This is their standards. You must have at LEAST 2 hours in EACH of the four criterion categories for NJHS/NHS; the remaining 17 hours can fall into any category you choose. These are Scholarship, Service, Leadership,  and Character. You must complete 15 hours for Honors Academy if you are not in NJHS/NHS. You cannot get payment or a grade for anything counted as volunteer hours. You also cannot get hours for assisting at home or for a family member. This is an obligation for which you are responsible for completing, not a volunteer service. Participation in sports or as a sports-team manager does not count either, UNLESS you are coaching a little league team. If you have questions about how to categorize or if something counts, please contact  
  • Suggestions for each Category: 
    • Scholarship: Reading buddies, tutoring, working in lower school classrooms, working for an institution that has a primary purpose of furthering education, some mission work, teaching younger children in church. 
    • Service: working for an organization or neighbor, school service days, partnerships with schools,  some mission work, almost anything that does not count in another category.
    • Leadership: leading a group in school, church, or the community, serving in a position within an organization, worship ministry, discipleship, some mission work. 
    • Character/Citizenship: serving in spreading information for a community center/service, civic participation assistance, patriotic contributions, serving in community organizations (library, museums,  retirement homes, etc.), community clean-up. 

*If you are in the Honors Program (upper school students only), the 15 hours you are required to complete for FBA can double-up for NHS.