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What is Stem?

Today’s job market is ever changing due to our society’s increasing dependence on, and expansion of new technology.  Accordingly, education itself is changing dynamically in order to keep pace and meet the future needs of our students.  Recognizing this need resulted in the development of STEM at FBA, which will offer a specifically designed course of study for middle school students and an after-school Club for 3rd-5th Grade students who are seriously considering a career in the STEM fields.  STEM will expose students to and prepare them for problem-based learning, scientific and mathematical orientated fields of study, and develop the latest STEM skills and aptitudes which can be successfully integrated into today’s ever-changing technological job market.  These activities and areas of study will also allow students to explore God's creation through science. 

Lower School STEM Club

Who:  3rd-5th Graders

When: Twice Monthly, After-School

For more information, click here.

Middle School STEM Course

Who: 6th-8th Graders

When:  Course offered during semester block

For more information, contact Karen Cox.