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Overview of Third-Fifth Grade

Third through Fifth grade are exciting developmental years.  We strive to challenge students to become independent learners who are motived to achieve academic goals and meet academic standards.  We are building upon the foundation from the early education years, while giving them more independence in order to prepare them for Middle School.

Students transition from learning to read and begin to read to learn.  Students focus on developing comprehension skills by reading four different novels throughout the school year and practicing comprehension through our Advanced Reader program.  Students also focus on literary terms and developing their writing. We learn 4 types of writing styles: exclamatory, narrative, persuasive and descriptive. We also learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay.  Students have memorized math facts and are now practicing applying these facts to problem solve and compute higher order problems.  Public speaking is an important skill we emphasize and provide opportunities for students to practice.  Each student is required to complete one project and present their ideas to an audience of their peers and parents.  

We challenge students to be Christlike leaders through example and opportunities for service. We give them opportunities to serve at each level.  Many students serve and help on campus. For example, our Kindergarteners and Fifth graders are reading buddies to encourage reading practice at each level. All students have the opportunity to serve off campus as well.  For example, the third grade students visit and serve at The Lion’s Club Vision Center.  We give students opportunities to learn outside our classrooms too.  Every grade level will go on field trips that enhance what is being taught in the classroom.  For example, our fifth graders  practice their leadership skills and take on the task of running an entire community at JA BizTown.  While our fourth graders visit a local museum to study Tennessee History.