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PreK-2nd Grade Overview

In Pre-K, the three year olds and four year olds explore God’s world through many hands-on experiences. We practice key concepts needed for our future success in school. We learn class rules, school rules, how to sit and follow directions, seat-work habits, letters, numbers and develop friendships that last throughout our schooling career.

In Kindergarten, students are encouraged to become more independent in their tasks, work together in learning and play, and build their individual confidence to achieve.  Our classical approach offers structured lessons that incorporate drill, center play with exploration and review, as well as regular practice in new concepts and skills.  The students thrive in growing together through reading and writing, number sense with addition and subtraction, exploring God’s world in science and cultural studies, and Biblical memorization.  Students begin reading in kindergarten as teachers come alongside students to foster a love for learning through self-discovery and inquiry.  Our kindergarten classrooms are truly  a place with children love to learn and learn to love!

First Grade is the year when we really delve into reading! We do this through the Accelerated Reading program, small reading groups, and even one-on-one tutoring, when necessary. We reinforce and help students grow in their basic kindergarten knowledge, such as: coin counting, time, addition and subtraction skills. Students are introduced to adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, special sounds, and lots of reading techniques. This also is the first year that the students are introduced to grammar mechanics. They will learn about six of the eight parts of speech and learn to implement these parts of speech in their own writing.

In second grade, students are challenged to become more independent learns.  We focus on organization skills and personal responsibility.  Students begin to read novels to work on comprehension skills.  Students continue to practice math facts but also learn to apply these facts to problem solve. Public speaking is an important skill we emphasize and provide opportunities for students to practice.  Each student is required to complete one project and present their ideas to an audience of their peers and parents.