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The Individualized Learning Approach (ILA) at First Baptist Academy seeks to combine the desires and needs of the student, parents, and teachers into a plan, in which all parties can invest their time, energy, and attention in order to reach each student’s maximum potential.  Standardized test scores, parent surveys, and meetings with previous teachers are just some of many tools we use to help us create an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan) for each student. The purpose of an ILP is to gather ideas about how to best reach each student, while also generating discussion between students, parents, and teachers.

Once the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) has been agreed upon by all involved, teachers will use this tool in their efforts to best serve each student. As needed, teachers will review these plans and collaborate with parents and students to revise in order to better reach the needs of the student. Parents may discuss the progress of their student at any time by contacting the classroom teacher and making an appointment. Changes to these plans must include parent, teacher, and student input before changes are made.